Tradeshow Lego Displays

  • UMBC 50th - LEGO Campus

    UMBC 50th – LEGO Campus

  • Tradeshows_ACS_Convention

    VM World – Mandalay Bay Resort

  • Tradeshows_NCAA_Final_Four

    NCAA Final 4

  • Tradeshows_ACS_Convention

    RSA Conference

  • Tradeshows_Pittsburgh_Convention_Center

    Pittsburgh Convention Center

  • Tradeshows_Deloitte

    Deloitte Real Estate Division

  • Tradeshows_SHRM_Lawson_Exhibits

    SHRM Lawson Exhibit

  • Tradeshows_Enginuity_Natural_Gas_Fair

    Natural Gas Fair

  • Tradeshows_Kidapalooza


  • Tradeshows_Amoco_Bank Lego Model

    Amoco National Meeting

  • Tradeshows_VM_World


  • Tradeshows_googletakeyourchildtoworkday/

    Google Take Your Child To Work Day

  • Tradeshows_Amoco_Bank

    BMP Promotional Kit

  • Tradeshows_VM_World

    Equinix Conference Display

  • Tradeshows_VM_World

    ASIS Conference

  • Tradeshows_ACS_Convention

    ACS National Meeting

  • Tradeshows_ACS_Convention

    Louisville Slugger Museum Exhibit

  • Tradeshows_VM_World

    Cisco Live Conference

  • Tradeshows_ACS_Convention

    Market America World Conference – DNA Miracles

  • Tradeshows_ACS_Convention

    STEMFest – The Mall at Robinson – Terrible Towel Project

Brick Model Design has constructed LEGO block displays around the country at many high profile events.

Have us build on-site, pre-build a model, or design a custom LEGO kit for your next tradeshow or conference.

Contact us to discuss ways we can help promote your product and company.