“Family House is thrilled with our Lego model. Jason and his company helped make our dream come true of having a mobile, portable architectural model that was easy to take from one event or fundraiser to another. Family House in San Francisco is a home away from home for children with cancer and their families and we are currently in a capital campaign for our new building.

The model has been a major source of excitement for our families, donors, board members, and volunteers to see what the new Family House will look like. It has been a great fundraising piece, conversation starter, and overall wonderful addition to the organizations’ story. We are thrilled with the model!”
– ML

“Thank you for the time and effort you put forth to make the NCAA Final 4 Hoop City a huge success! The countless hours put in planning and on-site, along with your diligence and hard work were greatly appreciated. It made for an extremely enjoyable and flawless show for the participants.”
– NCAA Hoop City

“My wife and I absolutely love our model house that Burik Model Design built for us. Jason Burik is very friendly to deal with, and he kept us updated and informed about everything concerning the LEGO model. Great experience all the way around. Thank you!”
– Charlie

“Jason did a wonderful job. The model he designed and built for us has become a feature of our corporate customer demonstration facility. Our customers love it and the model has been a great and fun way to start business discussions.”
Peter Kant, Rapiscan Systems Vice President

“We absolutely love the replica of our home that Jason made for us. Many of us lifelong Lego fans have undoubtedly dreamed of being able to make whatever we want out of the bricks, but Jason’s work is legitimately impressive. He also scores an A+ for communication and transparency, completing a level of professionalism such that I don’t hesitate to recommend him or one of his custom Lego creations for any situation or context.”
– Michael

“The LEGO Palm Pilot arrived today and everyone loved it. It’s going to make a great holiday gift for our client. I have your card on file for future orders. Thanks for the speediness!”
– Matthew

“I enjoyed seeing your model of the UMBC Commons in the lobby of the Commons building. Your model looked just like the real building!”
– Sean

“He nailed the whole thing. The LEGO structure cost almost $40,000 less than an architectural model would. At Piratefest everybody was interested in it. The detail that he put into it was amazing. It was a big hit.”
– Jim Alexander, Pittsburgh Pirates, Director of Ticket Sales

“I want to congratulate you on your imagination and talent. Your skill in building with Legos is amazing, but even more amazing is your ability to use your gift to inspire your students. Congratulations and keep up the good work!”
– Phillip C. Jimeno, The Senate of Maryland, 31st Legislative District

“Personally in today’s world, lets face it. I expect less and usually get it. I recently hired Burik Model Design and let me say, no matter what I had expected I GOT MORE. From the beginning when I called Jason with my idea, he worked with me on the size and design of the project from beginning to end.

My particular project (Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa) was a very complex one as we needed it a certain size to fit in the bed of my truck. Jason went so far as to go to a local dealer and make measurements of a like vehicle to make certain of the fit. Jason kept in constant contact with me for my approval as we progressed and progress we did….he was finished in less time than we contracted.

Jason then researched different shipping methods and helped me to make the correct choice to assure the model arrived in one piece.  After much anticipation and worry the model arrived in perfect condition, and I was soooo pleased at the job Jason had done. His attention to detail is amazing from the Scoreboard to the logo on the field everything was perfect.

If I ever need another replica or a building, stadium or anything, Jason and Burik Model Design are the first and only phone call I will make. I promise you will be satisfied with the finished product and the TLC you will get along the way.

Thanks Jason, look for your model in the papers and on the news!!!! People are amazed when they see it.”
– Ray Hornsby, Roll Tide, Anniston, Alabama


Jessica Feener   Your work is amazing!!! Have you thought about constructing Fenway Park? I’d love to see that, and would pay for one too!
Brendan Forde   The sports stadiums look amazing!
Charles Maker   I love the Website!
Peter Kant   Jason did a wonderful job. The model he designed and built for us has become a feature of our corporate customer demonstration facility. Our customers love it and the model has been a great and fun way to start business discussions.
Judy Sabol   We love our Lego replica. We were very impressed with the detail and how it absolutely resembled “our house”. Thank you again for giving us a remembrance of 41 great years in Kennedy Township. I look forward to seeing it on your site.
Avital Cooperman   Jason is a wonderful, attentive person to work with. His attention to detail and thoughtfulness about the specifics of the Jackson Fish project really made it perfect, and blew away the person it was made for. He never failed to contact me with updates, questions or ideas. The craftsmanship was amazing, and it shipped from PA all the way to Seattle perfectly! Thanks for a job well done Jason!
Mark MustioPA State Rep.   Congratulations and best wishes for the future.
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Matthew Hatton   Hi Jason, The LEGO Pocket PC arrived today and everyone loved it. Its going to make a great holiday gift for our client. I have your card on file for future orders. Thanks for the speediness!
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Bob & Carole Grove carobe@prodigy.net Hi Jason, your work is fabulous! Can’t wait to show grandchildren. We are friends of the Dentons and were at Diane&Mike’s on the 21st.You&Kathy were coming in as we were leaving. Sorry we didn’t get to meet you, but we’re really enjoying looking at your models.
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Uncle Vince & Aunt Donna DCRVJR@aol.com Jason, We just visited your web page and are so proud of you. Vince wants to be your PR guy whenever you feel you need one! We are looking forward to seeing you in June. Have fun with all of this because this is a wonderful opportunity for you.
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Ryan CBaxter17511@msn.com Hi Mr. Burik, I am a neighbor of Mrs. Ann Kenia who works in your office at Freetown Elem. I am 13 and was wondering if you have ever or would consider giving classes on the construction of Legos.
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Mike   I enjoyed viewing each of your Lego models. Awesome job on the UMBC Commons. I’m sure the model will attract attention at college fairs.



I’ve always wanted a model of our family home to give to my parents. Your models are very impressive. I will contact you shortly for more information & construction details.